Augmented Reality in Dubai?

25th August 2011

The way we visualize our physical environment could be about to change thanks to progress made in applying augmented reality to our spaces. Augmented Reality allows information about your real…

Negotiation Skills

22nd August 2011

Negotiation is a dynamic, complex skill and one that is difficult to master. Read about the negotiation process and skills involved.

Marketing to Generation X

16th August 2011

Generation X is a term used to stereotype adults in their 30’s and 40’s born in the late 60’s to early 80’s. Other terms used frequently are the lost generation;…

Space Invaders

11th August 2011

Many of us work in a challenging environment and it seems that challenge begins when we walk into the office space. If we have reached the upper echelons it may…

Persuade like Obi Wan?

8th August 2011

Tips to deliver an effective presentation.

QR you kidding?

31st July 2011

QR codes- just use your imagination

Consultative selling

In today’s market sales professionals can no longer rely on sharp presentation skills and closing techniques. The customer is much more knowledgeable about products and has access to many other…

Employee Retention

28th July 2011

Many Dubai companies experience high employee turnover rates and cannot afford to ignore some of the basics of employee retention if they are to retain a competitive advantage. Recruitment and…

Is the most important part of your marketing team the Customer?

26th July 2011

Intriguing question posed by Nick Bennett in Social Media today. Dubai, never shy about new ideas is not lagging behind in its use of social media. Recent insights from Dubai…

Welcome to the new ISM Blog

It’s been some months now since the launch of our new website and generally feedback has been good. Most of you have found it easier to access our training course…

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