The Importance of a Sound and Easily Understood Business Case

10th May 2016

In every business the underlying decision is usually financially based. There is also ever increasing emphasis placed on stricter budgetary control leading to increased competition between functions for a share…

To meme or not to meme

20th April 2016

So let’s take a look at memes that have worked , some meme creation platforms and then decide where to best position your meme for maximum effect.

Common Sales Objections and How to Overcome Them

7th April 2016

For years, BANT (Budget – Authority – Need – Time) has been a sales qualification framework for lead generation, which is now a mantra to any salesperson. However, clients are…

Leadership and the new normal by John Hill

21st March 2016

This calls for a new type of leadership – a leadership that is less about proven methods, implementation and compliance and more about vision, adaptability and courage.

The Importance of Corporate Training during a Recession

10th March 2016

Corporate training in Dubai significantly contributes to an organization’s talent management efforts. Companies can benefit from sustained investment in training and development in many ways .

Emotional Intelligence – does it make a difference? by John Hill

24th February 2016

In a study conducted by PepsiCo, they found that leaders who scored high in emotionally intelligent behaviours outperformed their peers, delivering a 10% increase in productivity, an 87% decrease in…

Digital Marketing and promoting your business – Top 5 Tips from Wayne Denner

15th February 2016

We live in a world bombarded with advertising messages. Dubai and the UAE is no different to the rest of the world. Just pause for a moment and think of…

Up Periscope!

4th January 2016

A new wave of social reporting has emerged in the UAE thanks to the Periscope application and nowhere was it in more evidence than New Year’s in Dubai.

Hashtag your way around Social Media

22nd November 2015

So what are the most popular hashtags in Dubai and where did the hashtag come from anyway? This social media staple of twitter and Instagram makes sure your business news…

Have we run out of Creative Leaders?

2nd November 2015

Innovation is born from chaos not status quo, so next time you see a leader of industry resting on his laurels that is when the competition will gain advantage.

Know your A/B of Digital Marketing?

22nd October 2015

If you are involved in Digital Marketing then you already know all about A/B testing and its role in producing higher conversion rates for your digital strategies.

Digital Marketing Essentials- what’s your strategy?

19th August 2015

Digital Marketing can be used ad hoc but it yields far better sustainable results when proper planning is put in place. 50 % of companies have no clearly defined digital…

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