Brand Marketing through Stories

17th May 2015

Every brand has to have a good back story to attract and engage the consumer but how well are Dubai brands using this marketing tactic?

Sales with a serving of Storytelling

21st April 2015

The art of storytelling is losing traction in the increasingly fast paced Dubai life but its sales people could still benefit from this ancient tradition.

Why your target market can’t hear you

5th January 2015

But without good data you could be wasting your budget on a slick campaign focused on the Dubai market, when most of your customers are from Abu Dhabi.

8 Tried and Trusted Sales Tips

9th November 2014

Even seasoned sales people dislike calling prospects. However, if you have a qualified lead that has expressed an interest, ringing them is a matter of courtesy if nothing else.

One simple way to increase your social media profile

20th October 2014

From being completely unheard of 10 years ago, social media has become a major element to any marketing campaign. Yet many companies are still unsure about how to harness its…

The Single most Important task in Project Management

8th October 2014

A Project Management Plan is the most important document for any company. Whether it’s for a major or minor project, it will become the source from which everyone in the…

The 4 essentials for mobile marketing in UAE

9th September 2014

Despite mobile use in the Middle East expanding rapidly, mobile ad spending is still lagging behind the rest of the world. So for companies in Dubai a fast entry into…

The truth about customer loyalty

25th August 2014

whether you’re selling expensive jewellery in the Dubai Souk, or ice-cream on Jumeirah Beach, keep your customers at the forefront of your mind.

Leading difficult employees

10th August 2014

What do you do with an employee who is difficult to work with, yet does their job brilliantly?

Are you lost with location marketing?

7th July 2014

  How easy do you think it is for your customers to discover your business? If you’re an accountancy firm in Dubai, can people find you when they search online…

9 marketing skills of successful entrepreneurs

26th June 2014

Every entrepreneur knows that building a business from scratch is pretty similar in Dubai, Pretoria, or New York: it’s all about marketing.

The Mindful Salesperson

19th June 2014

The constant hustle and bustle of a Dubai salesperson’s life can be draining and make constant stress feel normal. However, the rapidly growing Mindfulness Movement offers sales and business people…

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