Customer Service Excellence

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Start: Wed 05 October 2022

End: Thu 06 October 2022


Time Oak Hotel
Abdulla Omran Tayram St
Al Thanyah 1
Tecom - Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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Customer Service Excellence Wed 05 October 2022 - Thu 06 October 2022

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Customer Service Excellence

As competition in the region continues to grow unabated, price and quality no longer assures the deal. Worse still, customers who do not receive quality service levels are turning their backs on companies in droves and telling their friends about it!

Organisations must therefore add value to the experience everywhere they can in order to differentiate themselves from the competition. Delivering great customer service is a highly effective method of achieving this whilst being relatively simple to implement and cost effective.

This course will give you a step by step guide to achieving customer service excellence.

Key Learning Points:

  • Maintain professional and consistent customer service.
  • Recognise and manage customers’ service expectations.
  • Use effective communication techniques.
  • Build excellent rapport with customers.
  • Manage customer expectations.
  • Make sure that policy does not become more important than the customer.
  • Anticipate needs and provide information.

Course Content


  • The importance of customer service.
  • What makes good customer service?
  • Handling complaints effectively.
  • Communication skills.
  • Dealing with different personality types.
  • Evaluating customer service – using the information effectively.
  • The hidden costs of poor customer service.
  • Focusing on customer’s needs.
  • Customer perceptions.
  • Human Relationship factors.
  • Body Language.
  • Managing customer expectations.

Training Method

This course is a busy workshop designed to help you develop, improve and implement customer service tools, techniques and strategies.
The ISM Course Director will take each participant through the step-by-step CS techniques critical to the pre-approach, approach and after sales service.

This will be done through a highly charged, enjoyable two day course involving lectures, classroom exercises, role-plays, discussions and extensive accompanying course-notes (delegates are also expected to take their own personal extensive notes for future referral).

Meet the Course Instructor

ISM Training - Course Instructor

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Customer Service Excellence

Wed 05 October 2022 - Thu 06 October 2022

Location: Time Oak Hotel

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