Strategic Thinking and Planning

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Start: Mon 05 December 2022

End: Tue 06 December 2022


Time Oak Hotel
Abdulla Omran Tayram St
Al Thanyah 1
Tecom - Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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Strategic Thinking and Planning Mon 05 December 2022 - Tue 06 December 2022

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Strategic Thinking and Planning

To be strategic is to be well prepared ahead of time for different eventualities. A successful strategic process engages everyone in the ongoing strategy of an organization, rather than just leaving it to individuals. Therefore strategic planning requires a versatile and creative ‘state of mind’, that has space to; foresee the upcoming scenarios, perceive different scenarios and figure out new solutions for problems and issues that may arise.

In this course, we will cover the steps of the strategy management process, starting with the ‘thinking’ components of strategy, moving into the ‘planning’ components and ending with ‘execution’. At the end of the course, participants will be able to implement or improve the strategic process at their organizations to reach their vision and achieve their mission.

Course Content


  • Fundamentals of strategic thinking and planning
  • Different types of thinking and planning
  • Which strategic planning tool is right for you?
  • The differences between strategic planning and tactical planning
  • The helicopter view
  • Assessing your organization’s strategic process
  • The strategic planning process: three common stages
  • Seven stages of planning and implementing strategy
  • The strategic planning pyramid
  • Creating a strategic vision
  • The tools and techniques for carrying out internal analysis
  • How to motivate employees to accept and ‘buy-in’ to a new strategy
  • How important of leadership during the strategic planning process
  • How to break down the strategic plan into tactical and operational goals
  • Implementing the strategic plan
  • Case study: SWOT analysis
  • Impact of social media and the internet on your strategic plan
  • Understanding strategic thinking
  • The principles of creative thinking
  • Improving creative thinking
  • Monitoring the strategic plan implementation

Course Outcomes

  • To be able to assess current strategies within your organization and select the best model for you
  • To learn creative thinking techniques that develop new ideas
  • To explore new strategies and provide different options Determine strategic objectives, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and ‘SMART’ targets for the organization
  • Convert strategic plans to operating plans through creating strategic initiatives and sequencing activities
  • Determine what causes the disconnection between strategy formulation and strategy implementation
  • Develop skills in setting strategic plans and how to convert them to action plans
  • Learn how to effectively establish and communicate strategy and directions; allocate resources; define departmental, team and individual goals and directions
  • Participate in the performance management cycle to ensure proper execution of chosen strategies

Training Methods

By all means, bring your pencil case, and yes, there will be handouts, but there will be a lot more discourse, debate, improvisation, role play, technology, practice and group dynamics. The training will be conducted in a friendly, fun atmosphere, which not only allows for different learning styles, but respects each delegate as an individual and ensures each one is challenged and derives maximum benefit from the course. Our aim is that you will be highly stimulated and encouraged to rethink.

Who should attend?

All managers and senior professionals who are involved in influencing, formulating or supporting the long term planning and strategy of their department or organization, as well as those who are responsible for linking, measuring and improving the performance of the organization, including strategy or performance management professionals, balanced scorecard managers, business unit and department managers and business analysts.

Meet the Course Instructor

Meet the Course Instructor

ISM Training - Course Instructor
Graham Chambers is a British national, with very wide experience in the role of senior trainer. He is a former member of the UK military, where he served with distinction, from 1995 to 2006. For the past seven years, he has worked in various training positions in a range of organizations, primarily linked to the defence and security industries. In these roles, he has developed and delivered soft skills training programmes, and high level training courses on quality management and project management.

Graham has been resident in the UAE since 2010. His post-military training career involved running a range of courses in leadership, effective communications, team building, planning and organizing skills, decision making, etc. He also delivered a number of technical training programmes. Graham brings real life experiences into the training room, some of which, due to his military career, are outside the normal experience and scope of many trainers. His military career included positions relating to intelligence, counter terrorism, homeland security, and international security. This work required a very focused and analytical approach, combined with excellent communication and leadership skills, and the ability to work in effective, manageable teams.

  Graham joined HMS Ltd, a security training organization as an internal trainer. In this post, he delivered training to international teams, from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. In 2008, he was promoted to manage a team of five direct reports, with additional responsibility for the co-ordination of a 30+ member international team in multiple locations (including the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East).In this role, Graham became something of an expert and was then requested to deliver training programmes to senior figures in the UK and US governments. He was also responsible for the project management of a number of government projects.

  Graham gained PRINCE2 Practitioner (Project Management) qualification and utilised these skills in the new projects he worked on. He also delivered training courses in Six Sigma Facilitator Biography (a quality method for improving business efficiency and effectiveness), Change Management, Managing the Training Process, and Train the Trainer.

  Graham has delivered training to over 1000 individuals in the MENA region across a diverse range of industries and sectors.Graham believes his experience and knowledge of the design, planning, and delivery of a wide range of programmes creates excellent outcomes in the training room, with positive feedback from delegates. Graham always strives to give people a positive and memorable training experience.

  Graham’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Specialized Coaching to all levels of Management from junior to ‘C’ suite
  • Leadership Courses - multiple courses
  • HR Management & Training - multiple courses
  • Customer Service – multiple courses
  • Sales & Marketing - multiple courses
  • Personal Development- multiple courses
  • Microsoft Courses, Project, PowerPoint (2010), Word, Outlook

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Strategic Thinking and Planning

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