Time & Stress Management

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Start: Mon 10 July 2023

End: Tue 11 July 2023


Time Oak Hotel
Abdulla Omran Tayram St
Al Thanyah 1
Tecom - Dubai
United Arab Emirates

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Time & Stress Management Mon 10 July 2023 - Tue 11 July 2023

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Time & Stress Management

The Time and Stress Management course is designed to help individuals improve their time management skills and eliminate stress in the workplace. The course provides a comprehensive approach to time and stress management, covering key topics such as planning and prioritization, controlling interruptions, understanding different working styles, increasing productivity, solving problems, managing paper and emails, improving meetings, and work-life balance.

Throughout the course, participants will learn how to effectively plan and prioritize their workload, increase productivity through smarter working, and solve problems and meet deadlines with less stress. The course will also cover techniques for managing interruptions, increasing efficiency, and improving work-life balance. Participants will leave the course with a personalized action plan, equipped with the skills and strategies needed to better manage their time and reduce stress in the workplace.

Key Learning Points:

  • Effective time management techniques to increase efficiency, output, and profitability
  • Understanding and managing sources of stress in the work environment
  • Techniques to improve work-life balance and manage competing demands
  • Strategies to diagnose challenges and overcome obstacles to productivity
  • Improved ability to set and achieve developmental and fee-earning objectives
  • Practical tools and techniques to eliminate distractions and manage interruptions
  • Techniques to plan and prioritize tasks effectively to meet deadlines and solve problems with less stress
  • Methods to manage and integrate paper and email effectively
  • Techniques to improve meetings, delegation, and overall productivity
  • A personal action plan for continued improvement in time and stress management.

Course Content


Introduction to Time Management

  • Definition of Time Management
  • Importance of Time Management in today’s fast-paced world
  • Understanding time wasters and how to overcome them

Planning and Prioritizing

  • Setting medium-term goals and linking them to daily plans
  • The importance of prioritizing tasks
  • Using a to-do list effectively

Overcoming Procrastination and Controlling Interruptions

  • Understanding the reasons behind procrastination
  • Techniques to overcome procrastination
  • Managing interruptions and distractions

Understanding Working Styles

  • Understanding individual working styles
  • Adapting working styles to maximize productivity
  • Tips for improving working styles

Improving Productivity

  • Working smarter, not harder
  • Using technology to increase productivity
  • Tips for organizing and streamlining work processes

Solving Problems and Meeting Deadlines

  • Identifying and managing stress triggers
  • Techniques for reducing stress in the workplace
  • Tips for avoiding burnout and maintaining work-life balance

Managing Paper and Emails

  • Tips for organizing and managing paper
  • Managing email overload
  • Using technology to streamline document and email management

Improving Meetings, Delegation, and Work-Life Balance

  • Making meetings more productive
  • Effective delegation techniques
  • Tips for balancing work and personal life

Personal Action Plan

  • Reflecting on the course content and personal learning
  • Developing a personal action plan for improving time and stress management
  • Strategies for maintaining and continuously improving time and stress management skills.

Training Method

By all means, bring your pencil case, and yes, there will be handouts, but there will be a lot more discourse, debate, improvisation, role play, technology, practice and group dynamics. The training will be conducted in a friendly, fun atmosphere, which not only allows for different learning styles, but respects each delegate as an individual and ensures each one is challenged and derives maximum benefit from the course. Our aim is that you will be highly stimulated and encouraged to rethink.

Meet the Course Instructor

ISM Training - Course Instructor

Steve has been active in all aspects of sales, negotiation and account management for over 25 years and is the Managing Director of a highly respected UK employee motivation consultancy. His highly energetic and clear communication style helps to make what can be very complex issues, simple and understandable with actionable ideas and recommendations.

He has worked with multi-nationals, local companies and several government bodies. With the research tools he has developed, he brings a wealth of data and case studies to support his consulting and training interventions.

Steve has developed and delivered a series of training programs across the Gulf region ranging from sales, key account management, negotiation, interpersonal and communication skills to personal skills such as time management and public speaking.

Steve’s dynamic style ensures that all course participants leave with some new found knowledge or ability.

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Time & Stress Management

Mon 10 July 2023 - Tue 11 July 2023

Location: Time Oak Hotel

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