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ISM Testimonials

Stuart Wilson


The Advanced Negotiations training session was exceptionally well arranged, particularly under the current Coronavirus conditions, and had excellent overall course content. Mark clearly demonstrated his first-rate knowledge and experience of...

Paul Baker CFP


The training was delivered in an easy to absorb manner and focused on all the key areas.

Merlin Babic


The trainer is Very approachable and open to questions throughout the course.

Daniel Graham


Some other providers courses can be quite a chore! However, I felt fully engaged and excited by all the new selling tools I have been educated on by ISM

Sujit Nair


Instead of just telling me what to do, they showed us how to do it as well as why to do it. They used real-life experiences, case studies combined with...

Leo Haughney BFS QFA


I highly recommend ISM to my friends and colleagues!