John Bentley

John provides consulting, coaching and leadership development programmes for executive clients and work units. He has extensive experience as a director and consultant in executive coaching, organizational development, quality process improvement, management and professional development.

John has over 30 years of sales and general management experience, leading teams in Europe, the Middle East and Africa for multi-national companies including IBM, Hitachi Data Systems and Hewlett Packard. John blends his extensive commercial experience with a passion for developing leaders and teams. His belief is that Emotional Intelligence is critical for sustainable success and this theme runs through his workshop and coaching programmes.

John is experienced in delivering programs targeted to C-suite level and he coaching CEOs as well as high profile executives through significant business and operational change processes to develop leadership and team skills in various companies.

  Key Skills –
  • Management development
  • Sales skills
  • Managing sales teams
  • Team performance improvement
  • Change management
  • Process and quality improvement
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Effective decision making
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building high-performance teams
  • Strategic Leading

Mohamed is an Egyptian national with 20+ years of experience in Training and Talent & Management Consultancy with distinguished experience in the areas of customer service, strategic

planning, total quality management, self-development, strategic human resources management, change management, innovation,

development and leadership development to improve performance.

He is fluent in Arabic and English, and a holder of an MBA degree from The University of Strathclyde (UK).

Mohamed has 20+ years of experience in the field of business administration and human resource development, including nine years as CEO of major international companies in the Gulf region. Also,

eight years in the field of training and development, and human resources in the Middle East.

Dr Barrani has a simple philosophy that ‘training is like mining’. It is about digging deep into people and helping them discover the gems hidden within. By doing this they can realize their true potential.

  Key Skills –
  • Developing Management
  • Strategy Development
  • Key Communication
  • Supervisory Management Skill
  • Leadership Adaption
  • Customer Service Excellence
  • Project Management
  • Managing A Successful Sales Team
  • Agile Mindset
  • Finance For Non-Finance
  • Key Account Management

Catherine is passionate about the importance of strong, professional communication in the workplace

She coaches individuals and teams to develop professional presence and personal branding, improving confidence and skill levels, with over 17 years’ experience in the Gulf region.

Cathrine has a proven track record in Business Management, Marketing Strategy, Recruitment, Assessment and Training & Development for Executive and Senior Management levels within Multinational, Enterprise and SME organisations.

Specializing in communication Cathtine holds a MA Honours in English Language from the University of Edinburgh and is fully TESOL – Qualified

Catherine is a passionate, energetic coach, facilitator and assessor, whose curiosity about the potential of individuals and commitment to harnessing and nurturing talent shine through in all of her assignments.

  Key Skills –
  • Management development
  • Communication skills
  • Managing teams
  • Business communication
  • Change management
  • Diversity and inclusion training
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Time and stress management
  • Tender writing
  • Strategic leading
  • Interviewing skills
  • Marketing strategy

A purpose fuelled Learning & Development specialist who thrives in helping organisations build environments where every individual feels that they inherently matter and have the support to do their best work.

Danos’ passion is igniting self-development in others. He specialises in supporting those early in their leadership journey, helping them transition from a “me” to a “we” attitude. Focusing in on values such as integrity, treating people with dignity and developing huge empathy.

Danos believes that when we celebrate these ideals before anything else, organisations become communities, and people pull together to bring in long lasting results.

A gifted facilitator and story-teller, Danos’ ability to create memorable learning events that have real world relevance is what has earnt him a diverse and loyal client base. He has held Sales & Leadership positions in the Automotive sector for over 20 years, and always backs up his programmes with real–life scenarios from his experience.

  Key Skills –
  • Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)
  • Corporate wellness
  • Powerful Leadership
  • Corporate Coaching
  • Sales & Negotiation
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Communicating with Impact
  • Growth Mindset
  • Presenting with Purpose
  • Mental Toughness
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Mental Wellness
  • Conflict Management
  • Team Building
  • Emotional Intelligence
With over 21 years of experience In L&D specialising in sales training, real estate training, management & leadership development Clare prides herself on her ability to adapt to the needs of any client or market sector

Clares’ modern sales techniques will give your team the ability to show the true value of your product or service to your clients.

Clare also works closely with leadership teams helping them to find the best ways to motivate their staff, she takes a custom-built approach with each client to make sure that the results match the needs.

The clients Clare has worked with range in sectors across Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Government, Banking, Education, Healthcare, Call Centres and Leisure

Clare is a powerful communicator, who can understand and articulate complex and technical concepts from the shop floor to the boardroom, Clare has been able to lead from the front and motivate employees, partners, distributors and stakeholders alike

Key Skills –

Sales Skills, Communication skills, Customer service, Influencing skills, HR skills, Train The Trainer, Difficult conversations, Maximizing our personal impact, Effective networking, People skills for line managers, Learning to lead, Creative Learning / Training, Managing and leading change, Talent management, Performance management, Employee engagement, Recruitment and selection, Habib is a Lebanese trainer who has over eighteen years of experience in Branding, Sales, Marketing Strategy, Management Development, Media Marketing and PR

Habib has been involved in complex negotiation and sales situations, working with high profile companies such as Philips, DAMAC, Nakheel, Al Qudra, Motorola, H2H, Mitsubishi, Cirque Du Soleil, Manpower, Al Waab City (Qatar), CBK (Kuwait). In his Sales and Marketing, Negotiation Skills, Project Management and Finance training programs, he brings this expertise into the training room.

Having worked in commerce and business for over 18 years, Habib decided that he wished to put his skills to use in a different role, and decided to move into training In 2009.

He enjoys developing individuals and believes that training provides him with the opportunity to use his experience to enhance the careers of others. His aim is to help those attending his programs, to improve their business performance. As he says: “this is the key objective of life”.

Key Skills – Developing Management, Strategy Development, Negotiation Skills, Sales Skills, Marketing Strategy, Media Marketing, Supervisory Management Skill, Leadership Adaption, Customer Service Excellence, Project Management, Managing A Successful Sales Team, Finance For Non-Finance, Key Account Management Mark has been in the Sales Industry for 15+ years, originally from London England but living in the UAE for the past 12 years, he has been able to mix the British way of selling with the melting pot of cultures that fill the Middle East. He understands that business is built on trust and having that long-lasting relationship with clients. Where some others might look for quick business, to Mark that is a short vision to have, he looks at the long term and that is built on the value he tries to deliver daily

The experience Mark has gained over the years living the life of an active salesperson, he has been through the process and knows what it takes to succeed. This is so important when it comes to training because he takes his real-life experiences and relates that to challenges people are facing to create a solution.

Mark has worked with many different sales industries and sectors, both being a salesperson and leading teams. Whether your business is B2B, B2C, product, or service, Mark can help with sales skills, implementing a sales structure and process, whilst building confidence through motivation.

Mark’s passion is to help salespeople to develop their skills so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Mark’s mission is that he wants to restore the sales industry to the profession it once was, it has lost that gloss and shine over the years, he believes he can make that difference.

Rami has 15+ years as a Learning and Development / Training Consultant.

Rami’s mission includes 3 points critical to the success of any organization; he helps people achieve their personal and job objectives, through training programs that include knowledge and skills necessary for them to succeed in their current role, he helps them grow and be ready for the next step in their careers through development programs, he aligns these training programs to the human capital & organization overall strategy.

Rami has supported hundreds of people from more than 20 countries understand their authentic identity and find their true-life purpose through, public speeches, coaching, workshops, seminars interactive demonstrations, and over 100 videos talking about personal development in his social media platform.

Clive has worked within the GCC for 24+ years over this span he has worked with multi-national, local companies and several government bodies as well as writing and delivering papers at the 3rd and 4th Middle East quality conferences. He has also had his work featured in The Chartered Banker magazine.

He has been active in all aspects of Finance and Management for over 40 years and is the Managing Director of a highly respected UK personal development company.

His clear communication style helps to make what can be very complex issues, simple and understandable with actionable ideas and recommendations.

Clive has developed and delivered a series of training programs across the Gulf region always giving the best results for his clients. With the tools he has developed along the way he has a wealth of knowledge and case studies to support his training courses.

His innovative thinking and techniques make him one of our most in-demand trainers in the GCC. Graham Chambers is a British national, with very wide experience in the role of senior trainer. He is a former member of the UK military, where he served with distinction, from 1995 to 2006. For the past seven years, he has worked in various training positions in a range of organizations, primarily linked to the defence and security industries. In these roles, he has developed and delivered soft skills training programmes, and high level training courses on quality management and project management.

Graham has been resident in the UAE since 2010. His post-military training career involved running a range of courses in leadership, effective communications, team building, planning and organizing skills, decision making, etc. He also delivered a number of technical training programmes. Graham brings real life experiences into the training room, some of which, due to his military career, are outside the normal experience and scope of many trainers. His military career included positions relating to intelligence, counter terrorism, homeland security, and international security. This work required a very focused and analytical approach, combined with excellent communication and leadership skills, and the ability to work in effective, manageable teams.

  Graham joined HMS Ltd, a security training organization as an internal trainer. In this post, he delivered training to international teams, from the USA, Europe, and the Middle East. In 2008, he was promoted to manage a team of five direct reports, with additional responsibility for the co-ordination of a 30+ member international team in multiple locations (including the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East).In this role, Graham became something of an expert and was then requested to deliver training programmes to senior figures in the UK and US governments. He was also responsible for the project management of a number of government projects.

  Graham gained PRINCE2 Practitioner (Project Management) qualification and utilised these skills in the new projects he worked on. He also delivered training courses in Six Sigma Facilitator Biography (a quality method for improving business efficiency and effectiveness), Change Management, Managing the Training Process, and Train the Trainer.

  Graham has delivered training to over 1000 individuals in the MENA region across a diverse range of industries and sectors.Graham believes his experience and knowledge of the design, planning, and delivery of a wide range of programmes creates excellent outcomes in the training room, with positive feedback from delegates. Graham always strives to give people a positive and memorable training experience.

  Graham’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Specialized Coaching to all levels of Management from junior to ‘C’ suite
  • Leadership Courses – multiple courses
  • HR Management & Training – multiple courses
  • Customer Service – multiple courses
  • Sales & Marketing – multiple courses
  • Personal Development- multiple courses
  • Microsoft Courses, Project, PowerPoint (2010), Word, Outlook

John Hill is a seasoned and multi disciplined business professional, with a background in blue chip sales, marketing, business development, and international sales, which includes a number of start-ups.

He has demonstrated significant success in delivering growth, equipping, motivating and managing both internal and external sales functions. He understands that a key focus for business is revenue and profitability, especially in challenging market conditions.

A natural communicator, who can understand and articulate complex and technical concepts from the shop floor to the board room, John has been able to lead from the front and motivate employees, partners, distributors and stakeholders alike. He is widely travelled and has significant experience in achieving results internationally.

After many years spent at the cutting edge of business, and in recent years at CEO level, he has transitioned into a coaching and training role, with a view to helping equip and facilitate goal achievement for clients.

John is now a practitioner in coaching, training, stress management and psychological resilience, both for individuals and organisations. That extends to performance coaching, solution focused coaching and problem focused coaching, all using a cognitive psychological approach.

John is currently completing a Diploma in Coaching Psychology and is a member of the International Society of Coaching Psychology.

Steve has been active in all aspects of sales, negotiation and account management for over 25 years and is the Managing Director of a highly respected UK employee motivation consultancy. His highly energetic and clear communication style helps to make what can be very complex issues, simple and understandable with actionable ideas and recommendations.

He has worked with multi-nationals, local companies and several government bodies. With the research tools he has developed, he brings a wealth of data and case studies to support his consulting and training interventions.

Steve has developed and delivered a series of training programs across the Gulf region ranging from sales, key account management, negotiation, interpersonal and communication skills to personal skills such as time management and public speaking.

Steve’s dynamic style ensures that all course participants leave with some new found knowledge or ability.

Wayne Denner is an exceptionally knowledgeable, passionate and talented Digital Marketing expert with extensive expertise in digital and traditional marketing communications. With over 17 years’ digital experience, he specialises in the emerging trends of digital marketing and social media. He understands through vast experience where Digital Marketing sits and how it should be deployed as part of an overall marketing strategy for B2B and B2C. He has helped many well known companies and SME’s evolve their marketing strategies to embrace digital technologies and develop marketing plans which drive engagement, brand recognition, loyalty and ROI.

Wayne’s courses are dynamic, engaging and highly interactive and you will leave his course with an incredible amount of tools and up to date knowledge that you can put into practice immediately. He will help take your digital marketing strategy to the next level with cutting edge insights and outstanding industry depth of experience. ISM is delighted to welcome this highly in demand trainer to our top flight team of UK instructors.

Bexta Tierney is a strong, pro-active leader, empowering staff to take ownership. She provides coaching, training and mentoring to enable dedicated high calibre teams to work together and achieve individual targets and client objectives. She has provided high-level strategic planning, commercial development and operational management skills to align the client’s concept and vision with a deliverable staff training, events management or promotional solution. Bexta has over 20 years’ experience in public speaking as a Master of Ceremonies. She has just completed her tenth year as a professional voice-over artist for the UAE radio and TV.

Bexta has already received rave reviews from clients attending our exclusive Presentation Skills courses. Often clients who choose to improve their public speaking have a number of obstacles to overcome in order to present confidently yet within the empathetic and experienced environment Bexta creates, they are able to excel.

Bexta herself is a presenter par excellence and it is a sound investment in your business future to attend one of her courses. ISM runs outstanding Presentation Skills courses both in-house and as a public event, guaranteeing small class sizes for optimum engagement and learning.

Bill is a master facilitator who delivers sales, marketing, management and leadership courses for a wide range of international and global organisations. He helps managers, leaders and their teams to tackle the tough challenges faced in ever increasing competitive markets. Enabling individuals and teams to define problems, significantly improve and widen skills for innovation and strategy development, practical marketing and marketing communications.

His "How to" workshops equip companies and their personnel with a range of soft skills and planning tools to learn to ask better questions, actively listen effectively and achieve significant changes in collaborative, persuasive behaviour and negotiation.

He provides a combination of very practical experience and visionary thinking outside of current business boundaries, spanning many industries and markets. This has enabled him to develop and assist with the creative identification of new opportunities for many businesses. He is well known for designing and implementing process consultancy and training programmes, which are both highly practical and stimulating. His wide experience and ability to relate to many situations across a wide range of markets make his contributions invaluable and easily assimilated.

Bill Levell has delivered high quality training for the Institute of Sales and Marketing (ISM) in the Middle East since the company was formed in 1998.

He works globally and has extensive experience in the Middle East and Africa, Asia, North America, Eastern Europe including the CIS and UK and Europe.