Bill Levell

Bill is a master facilitator who delivers sales, marketing, management and leadership courses for a wide range of international and global organisations. He helps managers, leaders and their teams to tackle the tough challenges faced in ever increasing competitive markets. Enabling individuals and teams to define problems, significantly improve and widen skills for innovation and strategy development, practical marketing and marketing communications.

His "How to" workshops equip companies and their personnel with a range of soft skills and planning tools to learn to ask better questions, actively listen effectively and achieve significant changes in collaborative, persuasive behaviour and negotiation.

He provides a combination of very practical experience and visionary thinking outside of current business boundaries, spanning many industries and markets. This has enabled him to develop and assist with the creative identification of new opportunities for many businesses. He is well known for designing and implementing process consultancy and training programmes, which are both highly practical and stimulating. His wide experience and ability to relate to many situations across a wide range of markets make his contributions invaluable and easily assimilated.

Bill Levell has delivered high quality training for the Institute of Sales and Marketing (ISM) in the Middle East since the company was formed in 1998.

He works globally and has extensive experience in the Middle East and Africa, Asia, North America, Eastern Europe including the CIS and UK and Europe.

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